Agriculture of Kazakhstan is one of the priority sectors with a share of 37% of the country's GDP. Geographically and climatically, the republic has great opportunities and potential for the development of crops. The peculiarities of the soil and climatic zones of the region make it possible to grow here up to 82% of all known agricultural products. 220 million hectares of land have a system of irrigation on which cereals, oil crops, legumes, pome crops are grown. The country is one of the leaders in the export of fruits and vegetables in the region of Central Asia and the CIS countries and the world's number one flour exporter. Also one of the strongest sections of the country's agriculture is animal husbandry. Due to the development of the infrastructure of the agro-industrial complex and the expansion of pastures, the number of big and small cattle is growing. In 2017, the country produced more than 1 million tons of meat.

The volume of exports of agricultural products from Kazakhstan amounted to more than $ 8 billion in 2017. The most popular export destinations for agricultural products in Kazakhstan are Russia, China, Iran, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the Baltic countries, the USA, South Korea, and others.
The state program “Nurly Zher” launched in 2015 is aimed at the qualitative development of infrastructure, increase of efficiency and added value in agriculture of Kazakhstan. Small and medium-sized businesses in the agro-industrial complex, especially those aimed at processing, are actively subsidized and credited. More than 2,500 enterprises for production of final agricultural products are currently operating in the country, producing food products that meet international quality standards.
Vegetables, fruits, oil crops, rice and other cereals, grains, barley, corn, sugar, salt, melons, flour, bakery products, meat, river and sturgeon fish, oils, fats - this and much more is actively exported today by the Republic of Kazakhstan. 


The mining and metallurgical industry is one of the most competitive and dynamically developing sectors of Kazakhstan’s industry, with over 500 large and medium-sized enterprises operating in the industry and employing about 300,000 people. The industry accounts for about 18% of the country's GDP. The share of metallurgy in the processing industry is 44%. In terms of mineral reserves, Kazakhstan is in the top ten developed countries of the world. Despite this, it is significantly inferior in content of useful components, which reduces the technological quality of ores.  


In 2010-2015, 80 PROJECTS were launched, 15 THOUSANDS JOBS WERE CREATED, as a result of which the production of:
Primary aluminum increased to 250 thousand tons per year,
Ferrochrome - to 440 thousand tons
Titanium ingots and alloys - up to 16 thousand tons,
Refined gold - up to 31 tons.
According to the Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MNE RK) for 2015, the share of mining and metallurgical industry is 9% of the country's GDP. While the share of the mining industry is 4%, and the share of the metallurgical industry is 5% of Kazakhstan’s GDP. 


Since the times of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan has been one of the leaders in the production of cotton and leather products. The country's light industry, with 1,000 enterprises, formed up to 25% of the country's budget. There is a strong legacy in the production of fabrics and their deep processing, as well as in leather and footwear manufacture. Today there is a large number of specialists in the country in this field. At more than 120 enterprises furnished with the most modern equipment from Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey and China more than 2.5 thousand items of textile, leather and fur products are produced annually. 

Today Kazakhstan produces men's, women's and children's clothing. Footwear, business suits from the best fabrics, sports clothing using the most modern technologies. Kazakhstan products have repeatedly received international awards for quality and design.
The country is also proud of its rich history in the production of woollen and carpet products. Direct access to the most diverse wool, together with the introduction of high-tech technologies in manufacturing, allow the country to produce and export $ 15-20 million worth of carpet products annually to various countries abroad.
According to the Investment Strategy of Kazakhstan, until 2022, it is planned to increase the share of deep processing in the country as a whole and light industry in particular to 25%. Companies in Europe, Turkey, Russia and the People's Republic of China actively invest in the country's light industry, which has tremendous potential for development.